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Joint Doctrine

Joint Force Quarterly 81 (2nd Quarter, April 2016)

Joint Doctrine Update

By The Joint Staff Joint Force Quarterly 81


Joint Publications (JPs) Under Revision (to be signed within 6 months)

JP 1-0, Joint Personnel Support

JP 1-04, Legal Support to Military Operations

JP 1-06, Financial Management Support in Joint Operations

JP 2-01.2, Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence

JP 2-03, Geospatial Intelligence in Joint Operations

JP 3-03, Joint Interdiction

JP 3-07, Stability

JP 3-08, Interorganizational Coordination

JP 3-41, CBRN Consequence Management

JP 3-42, Joint Explosive Ordinance Disposal

JP 4-01.2, Sealift Support to Joint Operations

JP 4-01.5, Joint Terminal Operations

JP 4-01.6, Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore

JP 4-03, Joint Bulk Petroleum and Water

JPs Revised (signed within last 6 months)

JP 3-13.3, Operations Security

JP 3-14, Space Operations

JP 3-34, Engineer Operations

JP 3-50, Personnel Recovery

JP 3-61, Public Affairs

JP 3-68, Noncombatant Evacuation Operations