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Joint Force Quarterly 79 (4th Quarter, October 2015)

News | Oct. 1, 2015

Winners of the 2015 Writing Competitions

By NDU Press

The NDU Foundation Congratulates the Winners of the 2015 Writing Competitions

The NDU Foundation is proud to support the annual Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Joint Force Quarterly essay competitions. NDU Press hosted the final round of judging on May 15–16, 2015, during which 24 faculty judges from 15 participating professional military education institutions selected the best entries in each category. The First Place winners in each of the three categories are published in the following pages.

Secretary of Defense National Security Essay Competition

In 2015, the 9th annual competition was intended to stimulate new approaches to coordinated civilian and military action from a broad spectrum of civilian and military students. Essays were to address U.S. Government structure, policies, capabilities, resources, and/or practices and to provide creative, feasible ideas on how best to orchestrate the core competencies of our national security institution. The NDU Foundation awarded the first place winner a generous gift certificate from

First Place

Lieutenant Colonel Wallace R. Turnbull III, USAF

Air War College

Time to Come in from the Cold (War): Nuclear Force Structure for an Uncertain World

Second Place

Colonel Patrick J. Dolan, USAF

Air War College

“It Is Time for an International Convention to Ban Permanent Human Enhancements for Warfighting Purposes”

Third Place

Commander William G. Dwyer, USCG

U.S. Army War College

“Interesting Times: China’s Strategic Interests in the Arctic”

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Strategic Essay Competition

This annual competition, in its 34th year in 2015, challenges students at the Nation’s joint professional military education institutions to write research papers or articles about significant aspects of national security strategy to stimulate strategic thinking, promote well-written research, and contribute to a broader security debate among professionals. The first place winners in each category received a generous gift courtesy of the NDU Foundation.

Strategic Research Paper

Lieutenant Colonel (P) Patrick Michael Duggan, USA

U.S. Army War College

Strategic Development of Special Warfare in Cyberspace

Second Place

Lieutenant Colonel Michael S. Miller, USAF

Air War College

“Hybrid Warfare: Preparing for Future Conflict”

Third Place

Major Jesse W.J. Hamel, USAF

Air Command and Staff College

“Adaptive Airpower: Arming America for the Future Through 4D Printing”

Strategy Article

First Place

Lieutenant Colonel Robert William Schultz, USA

U.S. Army War College

Countering Extremist Groups in Cyberspace

Second Place

Lieutenant Commander Graham C. Winegeart, USN

Naval War College (Junior)

“The Strategic Significance of China’s Recent Focus on the Rule of Law”

Third Place

Colonel Samuel L. Calkins, USA

National War College

“Recommendations on Reforming Strategy Development and Implementation”

Joint Force Quarterly Kiley Awards

Each year, judges select the most influential articles from the previous year’s four issues of JFQ. Three outstanding articles were singled out for the Kiley Awards, named in honor of Dr. Frederick Kiley, former director of NDU Press.

Best Forum Article

Brett T. Williams, “The Joint Force Commander’s Guide to Cyberspace Operations,” JFQ 73

Best Features Article

Joris D. Kila and Christopher V. Herndon, “Military Involvement in Cultural Property Protection: An Overview,” JFQ 74

Best Recall Article (tie)

Bert Frandsen, “Learning and Adapting: Billy Mitchell in World War I,” JFQ 72

and J. Darren Duke, Rex L. Phillips, and Christopher J. Conover, “Challenges in Coalition Unconventional Warfare: The Allied Campaign in Yugoslavia, 1941–1945,” JFQ 75

Distinguished Judges

Twenty-four senior faculty members from the 15 participating PME institutions took time out of their busy schedules to serve as judges. Their personal dedication and professional excellence ensured a strong and credible competition.

2015 Essay Competition Judges

Front row, left to right: Dr. Larry D. Miller, U.S. Army War College; Ms. Erin L. Sindle, NDU Press; Colonel Tricia York, USAFR, Joint Forces Staff College; Lt Col Michelle Ewy, USAF, Air Command and Staff College; Dr. Donna Connolly, Naval War College; Dr. Richard DiNardo, Marine Corps Staff College; Dr. Benjamin (Frank) Cooling, Eisenhower School. Back row, left to right: Colonel Stephen J. Mariano, USA, National War College; Ms. Joanna E. Seich, NDU Press; Captain Bill Marlowe, USN (Ret.), Joint Forces Staff College; Dr. Jim Chen, Information Resources Management College; Dr. William T. Eliason, Editor in Chief, Joint Force Quarterly; Mr. John L. O’Brien, Information Resources Management College; Dr. Stephen Burgess, Air War College; Dr. Larry Garber, Eisenhower School; Dr. James Kiras, School of Advanced Air and Space Studies; Dr. Lindsay P. Cohn, Naval War College; Dr. Ryan Wadle, Air Command and Staff College; Dr. David A. Anderson, Command and General Staff College; Dr. Jan S. Breemer, Naval War College; Dr. James A. Mowbray, Air War College; Dr. Anand Toprani, Naval War College

Not shown: Dr. Antulia (Tony) Echevarria, U.S. Army War College; Dr. Geoffrey Gresh, College of International Security Affairs; Dr. James Lacey, Marine Corps War College; Dr. Andrew Novo, College of International Security Affairs; Ambassador Paul Wohlers, National War College

Photo by Katie Lewis, NDU

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