Joint Force Quarterly 63

Joint Force Quarterly 63

(2nd Quarter, April 2019)

Future of Defense

  • Cyber Strategy
  • 2011 Essay Contest Winners

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JFQ Dialogue

Letters to the Editor

In Memoriam: How General John Shalikashvili “Paid It Forward” to 500,000 Others

By Andrew Marble Forum


Executive Summary

An Interview with Norton A. Schwartz

The Looming Crisis in Defense Planning

By Paul K. Davis and Peter A. Wilson

Thoughts on Force Design in an Era of Shrinking Defense Budgets

By Douglas A. Macgregor

Linking Military Service Budgets to Commander Priorities

By Mark A. Gallagher and M. Kent Taylor

Harnessing America’s Power: A U.S. National Security Structure for the 21st Century

By Peter C. Phillips and Charles S. Corcoran

The Limits of Tailored Deterrence

By Sean P. Larkin Special Feature

Special Feature

Estonia: Cyber Window into the Future of NATO

By Häly Laasme

Stuxnet and Strategy: A Special Operation in Cyberspace?

By Lukas Milevski

Why Iran Didn’t Admit Stuxnet Was an Attack

By Gary D. Brown

Essay Contests

Winners of the 2011 Writing Competitions

Enduring Attraction: America’s Dependence On and Need to Secure Its Supply of Permanent Magnets

By Justin C. Davey

The Empire’s Newest New Clothes: Overrating China

By Steve Coonen

U.S.-China Relations: No Need to Fight By Daniel S. Larsen Commentary


Religious Leader Engagement in Southern Afghanistan

By Alexs Thompson

Vietnam and Iraq: Learning from the Past?

By Brent C. Bankus and James KievitFeatures


Read, Think, Write: Keys to 21st-century Security Leadership

By James G. Stavridis

Understanding Strategic Thinking and Developing Strategic Thinkers

By Douglas E. Waters

Pulling Back the Curtain: Developing Strategic Thinkers at ICAF

By Mark McGuire

The Joint Officer: A Professional Specialist

By Scott A. Carpenter

Transforming the Civil Reserve Air Fleet

By Michael J. Grismer, Jr. Recall


Operation Enduring Freedom X: CJTF–82 and the Future of COIN

By R.D. Hooker, Jr. Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Clausewitz Reconsidered Reviewed

by Douglas Peifer

Beer, Bacon and Bullets Reviewed

by Tiffany G. Petros

Dangerous Times?

Reviewed by Francis P. Sempa

Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar and Cyber War Review

essay by Brian R. Salmans Joint Doctrine

Joint Doctrine

Command Relationships

By George E. Katsos

Improving Joint Fires for Special Operations: A Mandate for the Joint Force Fires Coordinator

By Michael Wastila