Joint Force Quarterly (JFQ)

NDU Press produces Joint Force Quarterly in concert with ongoing education and research at National Defense University in support of the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. JFQ is the Chairman's joint military and security studies journal designed to inform and educate national security professionals on joint and integrated operations; whole of government contributions to national security policy and strategy; homeland security; and developments in training and joint military education to better equip America's military and security apparatus to meet tomorrow's challenges while protecting freedom today.

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For Authors

Submitted manuscripts must be complete (rather than proposals or sample chapters) and in an electronic format (preferably as an unformatted Microsoft Word document). Authors are asked to describe the manuscript in a cover letter and indicate the expected audience. Submissions are evaluated for originality, contribution to a significant national security issue, and appropriateness for the overall publishing program of NDU Press. Articles for JFQ should be between 2,500 and 5,500 words.

Manuscripts submitted to NDU Press must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

With the exception of contracted writing commissioned by INSS or NDU Press, no payment or royalty can be made to authors.

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Write a Book Review for JFQ

Joint Force Quarterly publishes reviews of recent and soon-to-be-released books of professional interest to members of the military and national security communities. Topics can include joint and integrated operations; national security policy and strategy; efforts to combat terrorism; homeland security; and developments in training and joint professional military education. You can review our latest Editor's Choices here or select one you have in mind that would be of value to the JFQ audience.

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NDU Press uses photos from free and open sources to illustrate Joint Force Quarterly.

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Current Issue

JFQ 112

NDU Press announces the publication of 
Joint Force Quarterly
 112 (1st Quarter 2024) 

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Past Issues

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JFQ 48 Cover

JFQ 48
January 2008

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JFQ 47
October 2007

JFQ 45 Cover

JFQ 45
April 2007

JFQ 39 Cover

JFQ 39
October 2005

JFQ 37 Cover

JFQ 37
April 2005

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JFQ 35
October 2004

JFQ 5 Cover

July 1994