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News | April 1, 2004

Transforming for Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations

By Hans Binnendijk and Stuart E. Johnson


Through superiority, recent military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq were exceptionally quick and successful in defeating the enemy. However, the Armed Forces were not adequately prepared to respond to lawlessness, destruction of civilian infrastructure, and attacks on coalition forces from unconventional insurgents. It is imperative to transform how the U.S. military prepares for and executes stabilization and reconstruction (S&R) operations. It is necessary for S&R to be planned before the conflict and executed promptly following the conflict as part of the transformation.

This book examines the various elements of the stabilization and reconstruction capabilities needed by the U.S. military. It addresses systematically the range of issues that must be resolved to transform S&R operations, including military strategy, organization, technology, personnel, and education.