Joint Force Quarterly 56

Joint Force Quarterly 56

(2nd Quarter, April 2019)

Tactics in the Cyber Domain

  • Warrior Women
  • Unity of Command and Military Justice

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JFQ Dialogue

Ambassadors to the World: A New Paradigm for Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication

By Robert D. Deutsch

Public Engagement 101: What Strategic Communication Is, Isn’t, and Should Be

By Kristin M. Lord

“Strategic Communication” Is Vague: Say What You Mean

By Christopher Paul

Open Letter

Letters to the Editor Forum

Executive Summary

Afghanistan: Context and What’s Next

Volney F. Warner

Winning Afghanistan at the Community Level: A Rejoinder to Volney F. Warner and “C”

By Christopher D. Kolenda

A Better War in Afghanistan

By John A. Nagl

Unified Effort: Key to Special Operations and Irregular Warfare in Afghanistan

By Christopher J. Lamb and Martin Cinnamond

Civil-Military Integration in Afghanistan: Creating Unity of Command

By Joshua W. Welle Special Feature

Interview with Admiral Eric T. Olson, USN, Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command

U.S. Special Operations: Context and Capabilities in Irregular Warfare

By Eric T. Olson

Countering Irregular Threats: The Army Special Operations Contribution

By John F. Mulholland, Jr.

Adapting Across the Spectrum of Conflict: The Role of Naval Special Warfare

By Edward G. Winters

Mastering the Art of the Possible: The Air Force Special Operations Command

By Donald C. Wurster

Forging Marine Special Operators

By Mastin M. Robeson Commentary

Legitimizing Army Psychological Operations

By Alfred H. Paddock, Jr.

The Business of War: The Impact of “PLA, Inc.” on Chinese Officers

By Dean Cheng

Israel and the Iranian Nuclear Infrastructure

By Brent J. Talbot


An Intelligent Theater

By James G. Stavridis

The Leavenworth Heresy and the Perversion of Operational Art

By Justin Kelly and Michael J. Brennan

Can the Army Become a Learning Organization? A Question Reexamined

By Anthony J. DiBella

Pay for Play: Countering Threat Financing By Michael T. Flynn and Simone A. Ledeen

A Joint Staff to Believe In

By G. John David and Paul S. Reinhart

Global Insurgency: Myth or Reality?

The Struggle Against Global Insurgency

By Daniel G. Cox

The Dangers of Mistaking Coherence for Capability

By Michael W. Mosser Recall

Vice Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Leadership of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council

By Richard M. Meinhart

Unity of Command in the Pacific During World War II

By Phillip S. Meilinger Book Reviews

The Human Face of War Reviewed by Clinton J. Ancker III 158 Clausewitz and Contemporary War Reviewed

by Thomas Bruscino

To Lead the World: American Strategy after the Bush Doctrine Reviewed

by Jordan Michael Smith

Funding Extended Conflicts: Korea, Vietnam, and the War on Terror Reviewed

by Richard S. Tracey Joint Doctrine

Wargaming the Flu

By Margaret M. McCown

Joint Doctrine Update