PRISM, NDU’s journal of complex operations, promotes informed discourse among national and international security professionals concerning our complex global security environment and whole-of-community efforts to meet longstanding and emerging challenges.

Call For Submissions

Manuscripts should be 4,000–7,000 words and must emphasize second- and third-order analysis. Original manuscripts must also be submitted to <prism@ndu.edu>.

All submissions are subject to PRISM’s rigorous threshold and blinded peer review process. Threshold is largely determined by topical relevance, continuing education for national and international security professionals, scholarly standards of argumentation, quality of writing, and readability. To help achieve threshold, authors are strongly encouraged to provide insight beyond the headlines, clearly explain national security relevance, and propose actionable recommendations. Authors should also demonstrate how the combined efforts of research, policy, and practice can help anticipate and respond to transformative national security challenges that arise from technological developments.

Our editorial team loves receiving e-mail so please do not hesitate to send comments, questions, or suggestions to <prism@ndu.edu>. 

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