PRISM: Call for Manuscripts

The global order is undergoing tectonic shifts. With these shifts come extraordinary dangers, as well as opportunities. Great power competition, hybrid and gray zone conflict, weaponization of new technologies, terrorism and fragile states, climate change, and global pandemics: These are among the issues PRISM tracks, and the issues you are interested in.

No one has a monopoly of insight into these vital issues of 21st-century security. PRISM invites manuscripts from national and international security thought leaders in the defense, diplomacy, development, intelligence, and related fields. We will publish provocative, insightful, and well-reasoned articles to map the evolving global threat environment.

A respected, peer-reviewed journal, PRISM informs and expands the national and international security communities through its written and electronic distribution platforms based at the National Defense University. Feature articles should be between 4000-8000 words, and sent to, with the subject: “manuscript”.

PRISM is looking for new as well as published authors; many read and talk about national security. Don’t just read and talk, publish and make a difference.