Joint Force Quarterly 68

Joint Force Quarterly 68

(1st Quarter, January 2013)

Innovation Under Austerity

  • European Missile Defense
  • Military Values

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From the Chairman

Bridging the Basics
By Bryan B. Battaglia


Executive Summary

Russia and European Missile Defenses: Reflexive Reset?
By Stephen J. Cimbala

Military Wisdom and Nuclear Weapons
By Ward Wilson

Managing Foreign Assistance in a CBRN Emergency: The U.S. Government Response to Japan's "Triple Disaster"
By Suzanne Basalla, William Berger, and C. Spencer Abbot

Operationalizing Mission Command: Leveraging Theory to Achieve Capability
By Kathleen Conley

Special Feature

The 600-pound Gorilla: Why We Need a Smaller Defense Department
By Ryan P. Allen

The Case for Military Pension Reform
By Jon P. Sunderland

Napoleon's Shadow: Facing Organizational Design Challenges in the U.S. Military
By John F. Price, Jr.

Cyber Operations: Bridging from Concept to Cyber Superiority
By Jan Kallberg and Bhavani Thuraisingham


Values Statements and the Profession of Arms: A Reevaluation
By John Mark Mattox

Reconsidering The Armed Forces Officer of 1950: Democracy, Dialogue, the Humanities, and the Military Profession
By Reed R. Bonadonna

Controversial Contrails: The Costs of Remotely Piloted Foreign Policy
By Houston R. Cantwell

Logistics Support "Seams" During Operations Odyssey Dawn and Unified Protector
By W.A. Brown and Brent Coryell


Afghanistan: The Challenges of Attaining a Regional Solution
By John F. O'Connell

On Strengthening Extended Deterrence for the ROK-U.S. Alliance
By Chang Kwoun Park and Victor A. Utgoff

The Effects of 9/11 on China's Strategic Environment: Illusive Gains and Tangible Setbacks
By Marc Koehler


Kitona Operations: Rwanda's Gamble to Capture Kinshasa and the Misreading of an "Ally"
By James Stejskal

Book Reviews

The Last Three Feet
Reviewed by Brian E. Carlson

Storming the World Stage
Reviewed by Benjamin Fernandes

Withdrawing Under Fire
Reviewed by Todd M. Manyx

Joint Doctrine

Operational Design and the Center of Gravity: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
By Dale C. Eikmeier