Joint Force Quarterly 57

Joint Force Quarterly 57

(2nd Quarter, April 2019)

Tactics in the Cyber Domain

  • Warrior Women
  • Unity of Command and Military Justice

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From the Chairman

Have You Renewed Your Commitment Yet?
By Bryan B. Battaglia


Executive Summary

A Western Insurgency in Afghanistan
By Robert Egnell

Forward-deployed Medical Assets and the COIN Offensive
By David S. Kauvar and Tucker A. Drury

The Way Ahead for Human Terrain Teams
By Christopher J. Lamb, James Douglas Orton, Michael C. Davies, and Theodore T. Pikulsky

Environmental Planning While Deployed: Mission Hindrance or Enhancement?
By LeeAnn Racz, Peter A. Baker, Kelsey L. Duckworth, Tiffany R. Heline, and Brian D. Woodall

Air Advising: A Critical Component of Joint Engagement
By Nicole S. Finch and Peter A Garretson


Tora Bora Reconsidered: Lessons from 125 Years of Strategic Manhunts
By Benjamin Runkle

Beyond Sequester: Improving National Defense in an Age of Austerity
By Richard H. Kohn

Insights from the Women in Combat Symposium
By Ellen L. Haring

Enhancing the U.S. Rebalance Toward Asia: Elevating Allies
By James M. Keagle, Richard D. Fisher, Jr., and Brian Johnson

Thucydides, Benghazi, and Honor
By Alan Greeley Misenheimer


Unpacking Cyberwar: The Sufficiency of the Law of Armed Conflict in the Cyber Domain
By Kyle Genara Phillips

Awaiting Cyber 9/11
By Clifford S. Magee

On Military Creativity
By Milan Vego

The New Operational Paradigm: Operation Odyssey Dawn and the Maritime Operations Center
By James G. Foggo III and Michael Beer

Energy Diversity and Development in Kenya
By Albert Kiprop Kendagor and Richard J. Prevost


Second Fronts: Factors in Success and Failure and Implications for the Future
By Phillip S. Meilinger

Book Reviews

Bleeding Talent
Reviewed by Lindsay L. Rodman

Bleeding Talent
Reviewed by Gregory E. Schwab

Competitive Strategies for the 21st Century
Reviewed by F.G. Hoffman

Allied Master Strategists
Reviewed by Francis P. Sempa

Joint Doctrine

From National to Theater: Developing Strategy
By Derek S. Reveron and James L. Cook