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Joint Force Quarterly 83

Joint Force Quarterly 83

4th Quarter, 2016 
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Highlighted Articles

The Danger of False Peril: Avoiding Threat Inflation

By Andrew Stigler

Just as a patient complaining of excruciating pain could still be best served by a wait-and-see approach, the best option in any given national security scenario might be to take no action at all. A calm and evenhanded assessment of the true scope of a perceived threat could be essential to avoiding an unwanted conflict.

Is the Chinese Army the Real Winner in PLA Reforms?

By Phillip C. Saunders and John Chen

The apparent PLAA sense of decline may be intensifying. Despite President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping’s insistence that the army plays an “irreplaceable” role in protecting national interests, the new PLAA commander used his first media interview to refute the notion that “land warfare was outdated and the army is useless.”

NATO Nouvelle: Everything Old Is New Again

By G. Alexander Crowther

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is heralded as the world’s most successful military alliance. However, it finds itself under pressure from within and without. Some people in NATO countries do not understand the importance of its goal: to safeguard its members’ freedom and security by political and military means. Other people outside NATO countries understand those missions well—and seek to destroy the Alliance.

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