News | Sept. 27, 2017

Joint Doctrine Update

By The Joint Staff Joint Force Quarterly 87

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Joint Publications (JPs) Under Revision (to be signed within 6 months)

JP 1, Doctrine for the Armed Forces

JP 3-07.3, Peace Operations

JP 3-11, Operations in CBRN Environments

JP 3-12, Cyberspace Operations

JP 3-15.1, Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Operations

JP 3-22, Foreign Internal Defense

JP 3-24, Counterinsurgency

JP 3-27, Homeland Defense

JP 3-28, Defense Support of Civil Authorities

JP 3-32, C2 for Joint Maritime Operations

JP 3-33, Joint Task Force Headquarters

JP 3-35, Deployment and Redeployment Operations

JP 3-57, Civil-Military Operations

JP 3-72, Nuclear Operations

JP 4-02, Joint Health Services

JP 4-04, Joint Contingency Basing

JP 4-09, Distribution Operations

JPs Revised (signed within last 6 months)

JP 2-01, Joint and National Intelligence Support to Military Operations

JP 2-03, Geospatial Intelligence in Joint Operations

JP 3-0, Joint Operations

JP 3-01, Countering Air and Missile Threats

JP 3-13.4, Military Deception

JP 3-18, Joint Forcible Entry Operations

JP 3-20, Security Cooperation

JP 4-01.6, Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore

JP 4-08, Logistic Support of Multinational Operations

JP 5-0, Joint Planning