News | Dec. 1, 2006

Case Studies – Archive

Case Studies in National Security Transformation

As a resource for civilian and military classroom instruction, the Center for Technology and National Security Policy—with sponsorship by the [former] Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Force Transformation and Resources— developed a series of case studies to examine issues of national security transformation.

These case studies are considered “living” documents, continually evolving as developments occur in national security transformation and new information becomes available. All of the case studies include an instructors guide at the end of the study for use in classroom settings.

The case studies have been cleared for unlimited distribution/public release and are meant to be used in the classroom. Feedback on the case studies and the instructors guides are welcome.

  1. The NATO Response Force 2002-2006: Innovation by the Atlantic Alliance, December 2006
  2. Transformation for Disaster Relief: Developing a Hastily Formed Network During Operation Vigilant Relief, December 2006
  3. Net-Centric Capability and Improved Battlefield Care: Placing the Doctor in the Battlefield, December 2006
  4. Transforming the Structure of the Military: Combat Decisions – Rank, Responsibility, or Frontline Position? December 2006
  5. Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan: A Case Study of Adaption in Battle, February 2007
  6. Transforming the Interagency System for Complex Operations, March 2007
  7. The Littoral Combat Ship: From Concept to Program, March 2007
  8. Counterterrorism Activities of the FBI: At Home and Abroad, August 2007
  9. Transforming Joint Interagency Coordination: The Missing Link Between National Strategy & Operational Success, August 2007
  10. Programming Development Funds to Support a Counterinsurgency: A Case Study of Nangarhar, Afghanistan in 2006, August 2007
  11. The Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC): Transforming Naval Anti-Air Warfare, August 2007
  12. The NMCI Experience and Lessons Learned: The Consolidation of Networks by Outsourcing, September 2007
  13. Dragnet: A Case Study of the CLEAR System, December 2007
  14. Army Transformation: Creating Modular Forces, April 2008
  15. Speed and the Fog of War: Sense and Respond Logistics in Operation Iraqi Freedom-I, January 2009

Network Centric Operations (NCO) Case Study

  1. Task Force 50 During Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, March 2006