News | Oct. 1, 2012

Anticipatory Governance Practical Upgrades: Equipping the Executive Branch to Cope with Increasing Speed and Complexity of Major Challenges

By Leon Fuerth with Evan M.H. Faber


The report suggests: (a) four concrete initiatives and eighteen specific proposals for organizing foresight as an input into the policy process; (b) eight initiatives and thirty-eight specific proposals for improving the capacity of existing systems to mesh their activities for coherent effect (i.e., networked governance); and (c)five specific, sequential initiatives to detect and respond to error and unintended consequences in mid-stream, before calamities occur (i.e., feedback). Vetted against strict criteria, these suggestions are practical: these are measures which can be approached on a gradual, modular basis; they do not require legislative action, and can be carried out under existing laws and presidential authorities; they are designed to be carried out without requirements for new “brick and mortar” institutions or large expenditure of resources; and they intentionally leverage existing personnel and processes under new arrangements in order to strengthen the Executive Branch.