News | Dec. 2, 2003

Changing Mindsets to Transform Security: Leader Development for an Unpredictable and Complex World

By Linton Wells II, Theodore C. Halles, and Michael C. Davies


This book is a compilation of papers and discussions from the Third International Transformation Conference and Workshop on Leader Development in Washington, DC, on June 19-20, 2013. The event was sponsored by the NATO Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, hosted at the National Defense University, and supported by the International Transformation Chairs Network.

With a decade of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan nearing the end, one of the many lessons learned from these wars has been the importance of leader development, and how leaders must be adaptable enough to meet the contemporary and emerging security challenges. Thus, the Professional Military Education enterprise across the U.S. and its allies must be directed towards preparing leaders for an unpredictable and complex world. These chapters are grouped according to the most important categories for achieving this end: 1) The Human Dimension of Transformation; 2) The Changing Nature of Adult Education—Drivers of Change; 3) Perspectives on Joint Education; 4) International Attitudes; and 5) Enlisted Education and Other Concepts.

The conference delivered valuable insights, visions, and recommendations on how to reorganize education across the national security spectrum to create better warfighters, uniformed and civilian, because it is these leaders, now and into the future, that will help to define the world in which we live.