News | May 14, 2019

Joint Doctrine Updates

By The Joint Staff Joint Force Quarterly 93

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Joint Publications (JPs) Under Revision (to be signed within 6 months)

JP 1-0, Joint Personnel

JP 2-0, Joint Intelligence

JP 3-(number not yet assigned), Information

JP 3-05, Special Operations

JP 3-09, Joint Fire Support

JP 3-10, Joint Security Operations

JP 3-31, Command and Control for Joint Land Operations

JP 4-09, Distribution Operations

JP 4-10, Operational Contract Support

JP 6-0, Joint Communications System

JPs Revised (signed within last 6 months)

JP 1, Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States

JP 3-02, Amphibious Operations

JP 3-11, Operations in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Environments

JP 3-28, Defense Support to Civil Authorities

JP 3-29, Foreign Humanitarian Assistance

JP 3-72, Nuclear Operations

JP 4-0, Joint Logistics

JP 4-04, Contingency Basing

JP 4-05, Joint Mobilization Planning