News | July 7, 2008

Bird Flu & You: A Quick Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Pandemic Flu

By Life Sciences group at CTNSP

In anticipation of a possible flu pandemic, the Life Sciences group at CTNSP has started a number of initiatives to address both civilian and military implications.

This poster is based on the November 2006 Defense & Technology Paper, “Weathering the Storm: Leading Your Organization Through a Pandemic”.

Below, due to continued demand, Bird Flu and You is still available in both large and small sizes as downloadable electronic files. It is available in nine languages. While we do have a limited number of English-language hard copies, we currently do not have hard copies of the foreign language translations. You may print out these electronic files to use at your organization.

In response to great demand for our initial poster, Bird Flu and You, we have developed a new product called Weathering the Storm: Leading Your Organization Through a Pandemic Flu Event. It is designed for organizational leaders, and concentrates on non-medical intervention and organizational readiness during a pandemic.

Please note if you intend on publishing some or all of the materials and your organization is outside the United States government you must obtain written permission from the authors.

Weathering the Storm (2008)

Full Color Poster (English)
22 inches by 32 inches

Bird Flu and You (2005)

Full Color Poster (English)
22 inches by 37 inches
Infection Control Handout (English)
Letter Size