News | Aug. 1, 2013

The Future Can’t Wait


In Spring of 2011 USAID’s Science and Technology Office and NDU agreed to co-host a symposium on future development challenges. USAID and NDU agreed to collaborate on a follow-up publication to the symposium. On 4 November 2011 USAID hosted The Symposium on Future Development Challenges along with co-hosts, State Department, National Defense University and The Woodrow Wilson Center. The symposium brought together over 20 USAID Mission Directors along with leaders in government, the private-sector, and NGOs/IGOs. The purpose of the Symposium was to raise the importance of futures analysis to capture global trends that influence international development strategies and planning and examine how today’s global trends present major challenges for current development thinking. The Symposium also hoped to position USAID as a “Thought Leader” on development-focused futures analysis and raise demand within the Agency to use futures research to support decision-making. USAID/NDU drafted this volume, “The Future Can’t Wait,” highlighting perspectives from the November 2011 Symposium on Future Development Challenges co-hosted by USAID, State Department, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and the Center for Technology and National Security at NDU.

For more information about the the USAID authors responsible for this important study, please visit the agency’s Office of Science, Technology & Innovation, at this link.